TEAMS Policies and Competition Rules

TEAMS Policies

1. The TEAMS competition venue must be a university, school, or other public venue (such   as a public library, community center or corporate facility) The address where the competition will take place must be reported to TSA no later than three weeks prior to the competition.
2. Online registration opens in September and all schools and groups must register through TSA. The competition site is selected at the time of registration.  Registration fees are determined by TSA and the competition site. Registration fees are non-refundable and all payments are submitted directly to TSA (not to the host site). Payments may be made with a credit card, check or a purchase order.
3. Coaches will have access to their online account and competition resources only after payment or a school purchase order has been received for the registration amount.
4. Registration payment or school purchase order must be received by TSA no later than two weeks prior to the competition date.
5. Onsite registrations are not allowed at any location.
6. Teams will be allowed to compete only if full payment or an official school purchase order that covers full registration has been received prior to the competition date.
7. TEAMS payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
8. If a scheduled TEAMS competition at a host site is cancelled for any reason (including weather) the coach may choose to hold the competition at his/her own school.  An “Onsite Location” guide is available to provide the coach with instructions on holding the competition. The new date and location must be reported to TSA a minimum of one week prior to the competition. TEAMS payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
9.   Non-U.S. participants will be sent all materials in electronic PDF format.
10. Host sites that choose to pay all or part of participant registration fees, will be billed by TSA for all fees incurred by the competition deadline.
11. Payments collected for TEAMS host institutions will be distributed only after payment is received from the participating schools.
12. If the competition date provided for an onsite location is less than two weeks away, competition materials will be provided via email in a PDF printable format. The onsite location is then responsible for printing the competition materials for distribution to the students.

Competition Rules

1. Students must compete at the appropriate level.
2. Middle school TEAMS participants should be in grades 7 or 8 (grade 6 if applicable). Ninth grade may participate a middle school if they are housed in the building with middle school.
3. Students in grades 11 and 12 may compete only at the 11/12 level.
4. Students in grades 9 and 10 may participate at either the 9/10 level or the 11/12 level. The 9/10 participants will be judged with the level at which they compete.
5. Teams must consist of 4-8 students.
6.  Students are limited to competing in one state level competition per year—those that qualify may also advance to participate in the national competition held at the national TSA conference.
7. All teams are required to have one adult who serves as the official team coach.
8. If coaching more than one team, all of a coach’s teams must participate on the same day.
9. The team coach must attend the competition.
10. Coaches may not communicate with participants in any way during the competition. The competition host may decide whether coaches are allowed in the competition room.
11.  Multiple choice must be completed within the allotted time (90 minutes for high school, 60 minutes for middle school). Any answers selected or written after the allotted time period concludes will be scored as incorrect. Likewise, if any answers are incomplete at the end of the allotted time period, only the complete answers will be scored.
12.  Teams have three days after their competition date to protest multiple choice and must do so by submitting a protest form to TSA for deliberation and response. Protest forms are available in the host and coach online accounts.
13.   The Essay and Design/Build components may not be protested and scores are considered final.
14.   Multiple choice scores resulting in a tie may only be broken when determining competition day rankings, as deemed by the host. Ties are not broken when determining state and division rankings.
15. The internet may not be accessed at any time during the multiple choice or design/build portions of the competition.