2019 TEAMS Essay

2019 TEAMS Essay Prompt

Humankind continues the development of artificial intelligence to more accurately mimic the function of the human brain. Artificial intelligence has played a role in our personal lives. In a few years, the landline phone has been replaced by the smartphone, giving phone numbers to individuals instead of families. The smartwatch has replaced the wristwatch, giving consumers the chance to measure their steps and send messages from their wrist instead of only telling time.

Your task is to imagine the application or implementation of artificial intelligence toward a product and to predict the future effects of its use on both individuals and society.

Your essay should (at a minimum) address the following questions: Imagine advancement(s) in technology in which artificial intelligence is or will be implemented in the next 10-15 years that would make some aspect of life different. How would that advancement impact individuals and society as a whole? Describe both the advantages and disadvantages to individuals and to society.

Teams may choose one or more technological advancements to write about.

Essay regulations, rubric and a resource document are posted in the TEAMS Coach Account (available to TEAMS coaches once they have registered team for competition).  

Essays must be submitted using the essay submission link provided in the coach account before the scheduled competition day.