2018 National TSA Conference Fees

National Conference Registration

Student competitors/pre-registration deadline: May 21, 2018


Attendee                               Pre-registration                          Onsite
Coach                                     $100                                           $110
Student Competitor                 $100                                          Not Available
Student Non-Competitor         $100                                           $110
Alumni                                     $45                                             $55
**Guest                                    $45                                             $55
***Child                                    $25                                             $35

On-site conference registration does not apply to student competitor registration. Student competitors must be pre-registered.

** Guest includes parents, grandparents, teachers attending but not serving as a TEAMS coach. Parents serving as coaches must pay the full coach fee, not the guest fee.

*** Child includes children under the age of 10 accompanied by a registered parent. Children over the age of 10 who are not competing must pay the guest fee.


National TSA conference registration refunds are granted only to those who provide a written refund request received by the national office on or before May 21, 2018. The fee for cancellation is 50% of registration. All refund payments are mailed after the conference and the 50% cancellation fee is deducted accordingly. TSA policy prohibits any exceptions.


Everyone who attends the National TSA conference must register, including parents, children and any other guests. Throughout the conference, volunteer hosts help with registration by checking name badges of all attendees at the entrance to the general sessions, the competitive events and other activities. There will be no admittance to any event without a name badge.

By submitting your registration, you accept financial responsibility for the invoice amount. If you are unable attend, please refer to the refund policy. Only coaches need to report to the registration desk for their teams. (Students need not be present at the registration desk, but must be in attendance at the conference.) 

Attendance at the Conference

The TSA, Inc. Board of Directors requires a minimum of one adult advisor or chaperone for no more than ten students. All adult coaches and/or chaperones must register for the conference, pay the registration fee, and be in attendance for the duration of the conference. There are no restrictions on the number of adult s and chaperones who may attend. All teachers, parents, supervisors and teacher-educators are eligible to serve in this capacity.

All adults, including parents, must register for the conference. No student may attend, compete, or participate without physical presence of an adult chaperone throughout the duration of the conference. 

In order to attend and/or compete at the National TSA Conference, all students, including students who are 18 years of age (including graduates of this school year) are required to attend the conference with an advisor, parent or adult chaperone.

Each student competitor must have the written approval of a parent or guardian, by completing the Parent Authorization Form.

Conference Expenses

 TSA is a non-profit organization. The conference registration fees are predetermined based upon an analysis of all expenditures necessary to make the national TSA conference a worthwhile and positive experience for all who attend. Conference registration fees cover various expense categories, including conference supplies such as ID badges, ribbons, programs, conference awards (plaques, certificates, etc.); conference special events (mixer, opening ceremony), facilities (convention center, meeting rooms); and other related expenses such as insurance and security.