Who can participate in TEAMS?
All students in middle school and high school are eligible to compete in TEAMS. Students may be from middle and high schools (public, private, home schools), youth groups or clubs and organizations (Boy/Girl Scouts, 4-H, Junior Achievement, etc.).

How many students are on a team?
Teams consist of four to eight students.  The average team has eight students.

When is the competition?
Competitions take place between February 13 and March 17, 2019. The essay component is submitted prior to competition day.   

 Where is the competition held?
If your team is competing at a host site (typically a local university) the host chooses the one day during the February 13 – March 17 competition window.  If your team is competing as an Onsite Location  (the competition is administered at your school for your students) then the Onsite coordinator chooses the date within that window.

How does my team participate if there is not a competition site near me?
You may become a Host Site and conduct the competition for multiple schools and groups, or participate as an Onsite Location with students from your school or group.

How do I register?
Registration takes place online beginning September 2018.

What is the average cost?
Teams that register to compete at a host site will follow the host site fee schedule.  Click here to view fees at each host site. The average cost to participate is $18-$25 per student (on a eight member team).  Teams that participate as an Onsite Location (test is administered at your own school/location) pay $150 per team.

When do I register a team?
Online registration opens in September.  It is recommended that teams register as early as possible since access to competition resource material is available only after registration has been completed.

Can I register more than one team?
Yes, you may register multiple teams (restrictions may apply at certain sites). However, while more than one team from a school/group can participate, each student may only compete once and must choose to compete for either his/her school or group, not both.

Can additional teams be added after registration is complete?
Yes – teams may be added up to the registration deadline as long as there is rom at the competition site.

What is the competition theme?
The 2019 TEAMS theme is "Engineering a Greener World."

What is the competition format?

The competition has three components:

Design/Build – using designated materials, teams complete a hands-on design challenge related to the annual competition theme.

Multiple Choice – High school teams have 90 minutes to solve 80 multiple choice questions focused on 8 engineering scenarios related to the annual competition theme. Middle school teams have 60 minutes to solve 40 multiple choice questions.

Essay – Each team researches and writes an in-depth essay submitted electronically prior to their competition date.

How do teams prepare for the competition?
Competition overviews are released which highlight the general engineering topics that will be presented the day of the competition. The overviews can be used to your team's advantage when preparing. For example:

  • Encourage your team members to begin researching unfamiliar terms and engineering principles.
  • Have students consider the challenge that is presented and explore what types of engineers might be involved in developing the solution(s).
  • Incorporate the hands-on activities into practice sessions.