State Level Competition

2019 TEAMS State Competition

Design/Build – Using designated materials, teams complete a hands-on design challenge related to the annual competition theme. A materials list is posted in the TEAMS Coach online account. All team members participate in the Design/Build.

Multiple Choice – High school teams have 90 minutes to solve 80 multiple choice questions focused on 8 engineering scenarios related to the annual competition theme. Middle school teams have 60 minutes to solve 40 multiple choice questions.

Essay – Each team researches and writes an in-depth essay which is submitted electronically prior to their competition date.

Students compete in teams of 4 to 8 students.

Competitions occur at a collegiate host site, high school or middle school during the competition window, February 13th – March 17th, 2019.

Registration fees vary depending on competition venue.  Typical cost ranges from $50 to $175 per team ($18 - $25 per student).







TSA strives to ensure that competitive event judging results are accurate and fair. Although training, oversight, and the use of best practices are employed, errors in judging may occur. In most cases errors cannot be corrected, and TSA does not accept responsibility for any claims relating to errors.