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Why coach?

  • It builds student success - Strengthen confidence in students' abilities to contribute to a team's solution, participate in engineering activities, and solve complex problems.
  • It’s rewarding - Contribute to America's global competitiveness and help build a workforce competent in math and science.
  • It’s easy - Flexible participation options and preparation materials fit busy student and coach schedules

As a TEAMS coach, you will show students why math and science matter as they work collaboratively to problem-solve real-world challenges using their classroom knowledge in practical, creative ways.
Using readily available competition resources and materials, coaches can introduce students to new academic content and create a fun and unique learning opportunity. Students will learn how they can apply math and science concepts in ways that make a tangible difference in the world; increase their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) literacy and practice this knowledge in a fun co-curricular program; understand how engineering makes everyday life possible by solving pressing social and community problems.

Who can coach?

Any adult interested in helping middle and high school students apply STEM learning to real-world engineering problems can become a TEAMS coach. Teachers, school administrators/coordinators, engineers, parents, and club/youth leaders have all been successful TEAMS coaches. An engineering background is not required. All that is needed is a willingness to try something new that will expand students' learning and help them discover their potential for engineering.

What does a coach do?

As a TEAMS coach, your primary responsibility is to guide your team(s) in competition practice and accompany them on competition day.

Your first responsibility is to form your team(s) of 4 to 8 students and register your school or group online with TEAMS. More than one team may participate from each school or group. Start recruiting students by posting a sign-up page and conduct your first TEAMS meeting. 

Once registration is complete and TSA has received either payment or school purchase order for your team(s), you may access the resources in the TEAMS Coach Login section and have team members begin researching the scenarios, or topics that will be covered on competition day. Next, encourage your team to practice using previous years' questions and familiarize themselves with the style and nature of the content presented.

TSA makes it easy to experience TEAMS and provides all Coaches with the following resources:

  • Access to the Coach Login page
  • A complete guide to coaching
  • Sample questions from previous competitions and tips for answering successfully
  • Resources to explore various disciplines of engineering
  • Competition scenarios summaries
  • Automatic registration confirmation with competition date, location and site contact information.


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