2017 Teams Essay

The 2017 TEAMs essay prompt is:

The nation has relied on fossil fuels for decades.  Recently, technological advances and concern about climate change have led to increased discussion on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.  The United States has seen an increase in the use of renewable sources, but some would argue that the rate of change is too slow.  Others would counter that sources of renewable energy are not technologically ready to replace fossil fuels.

You have been asked to identify a source of renewable energy to generate power for your home state within the next five years.  Select one source of energy that is particularly applicable to your state.  Identify a technological issue with your selected source that, if improved, would greatly improve this effort.  Estimate the cost of implementing your proposed solution. 


Essays must be submitted electronically at least one day before the scheduled competition date. Essay regulations and submission links are available to the coach of each team that is registered for the 2017 TEAMS competition via the TEAMS coach login.

Additional information can be found in the TEAMS Essay FAQ.